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When you visit Colonial Williamsburg's 18th-century city, you'll discover why Williamsburg was the capital of Virginia, the largest and most prosperous American colony. At the Capitol, independence was declared before all other colonies, setting the pace for the American Revolution. Men and women from all walks of life walked these streets, and you're following in their footsteps. Our Historic Area truly takes you back in time.




Tradespeople use real 18th-century tools and techniques in their crafts, many of which have been around since the beginning of our civilization. These skilled men and women are true apprentices, journeymen, and masters and they hone their skills with every hammer, needle, or plow. There are opportunities for you to get a real, hands-on experience within our trades. Stay informed on their projects by keeping up with their FACEBOOK page, and don't be shy when it comes to asking questions about the trades.





Expanded experiences at some of our most famous buildings give you a new understanding of life in the 18th century and you'll feel as if you stepped off a time machine. At the George Wythe House, you'll be transported to the Age of Enlightenment, when students of George Wythe, such as Thomas Jefferson, were introduced to revelations in science and the arts. Families play games, dance, and participate in daily chores at the James Geddy House. Enter the Peyton Randolph House and gain a deeper knowledge of slavery and the early African American experience. At the Public Armory, you'll learn about simple machines and find out what it took to support the Revolutionary War.

Many of the buildings are original 18th-century buildings, while others are reconstructed to their 18th-century aesthetic. As you walk our streets, take a look at the buildings and see if you can figure out which ones are originals and which ones are reconstructions! When you visit these sites, you're standing on the exact same ground as influential Nation Builders such as George Mason, Martha Washington, and James Madison.


With your COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG ADMISSION TICKET, much of the city is open to you, with plenty to see, do, and learn—no matter what your interests may be. Browse locations below for more information on each of the sites and use the filter to narrow down to Historic Trades, like the Blacksmiths, or Historic Sites, like the Governor's Palace.

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